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Nizpro ECU Flash to 332hp - Yamaha SHO & Offshore

Nizpro ECU Flash to 332hp - Yamaha SHO & Offshore

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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The Nizpro ECU Flash for 200, 225, 250 and 300 horsepower SHO's is a cost effective, simple way of turning your engine into a 332hp monster: improving hole shot, mid-range acceleration and top speed. Cruise at your normal speed with lower revs and less engine noise with improved overall fuel economy that has an average increase of 3 - 8%

An ECU Flash is about optimizing the performance of your engine. It’s not about turning your boat into a rocket ship – that’s what we made Nizpro 450s Superchargers for!

Testing: We have rigorously tested the Nizpro Marine 332HO ECU Flash on standard Yamaha 200hp SHO engines utilizing the Nizpro Marine Endurance Test on our in house dyno cell. The engine passed with no adverse effects*.

The engine has also been extensively water tested for 250+ hours to further validate the dyno results. These tests underpin the performance of the hundreds of engines currently in market using the Nizpro Marine 332HO ECU Flash & are undertaken to ensure complete confidence in the Nizpro Marine 332HO ECU Flash.

* Performance Notice: Engine must run on Minimum 89–90 USA grade Octane fuel & have adhered to recommended Yamaha service intervals.

* Applications: 2008 and later VMAX SHO 4 Stroke AND Offshore motors

NOTICE: You are not purchasing an ECU but an ECU reprogramming service by sending your ECU in to us. This will not change your engine hours and factory rev limit remains the same at 6,200 rpm. To get the process started just add the correct Tune option to your cart and check out and then include your information in the box with your ECU and ship to us at:

When shipping your ECU please include the boat year and application in "message from customer" section and ship to:
Three Rivers Tackle
4345 Twin Lake Ct
West Richland, WA. 99353

Attention: Please Read prior to purchasing the Nizpro Powering Service and call if you have questions: A Nizpro Tune cannot compensate for a poorly running engine if there are other factors causing a loss of performance that need addressed first. Results can vary for every application due to differences in vessel weights, hull design, altitude, engine height, prop pitch and efficiency. If your boat is not reaching its full range of rpm at WOT beforehand of 6,000 - 6,200 rpms (This varies with load, temperature and altitude) before a Flash then you may have need of getting your boat dialed in after the Tune with the proper engine height adjustment and by using the correct prop with necessary cupping and pitch in order to achieve the most efficiency from it. Depending on the HP you started with you may need to make bigger pitch changes to your prop to get closer to your target rev limit.  

It is advised that you do pre-flash testing so you can determine the amount of change in fuel economy and speed that have been been achieved from your Nizpro Tune.
Check fuel numbers (GPH) and speed at 3,000/4,000/5,000 and WOT before and after the Tune.

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100% worth it, you’ll never look back except when looking at boats as you pass them 😈