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Nizpro ECU Flash - F150 Mech 2.7L L4 to 191hp

Nizpro ECU Flash - F150 Mech 2.7L L4 to 191hp

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Nizpro Marine 191 FSR Performance Re-Power optimizes your engine’s performance while reducing fuel consumption and still maintaining the legendary Yamaha reliability.

When you drive it, you will feel the consistent additional hp across the entire throttle range. And when you refill the tank, you will see up to an average fuel saving of up to 14.77% !

Not worried about the cost of fuel? Then enjoy the extended range with the extra fuel still in the tank!


• Power increase from stock 176.9 hp to 191hp @ 5,950 rpm
 183.6 ftlbs @4,500 rpm Torque increases to 196.2 ftlbs @ 4,300 rpm
• Stock Yamaha 6200 rpm rev limiter
• Improved fuel efficiency up to an average of 14.77% saving*

Attention: Please Read prior to purchasing the Nizpro Powering Service and call if you have questions: A Nizpro Tune cannot compensate for a poorly running engine if there are other factors causing a loss of performance that need addressed first. Results can vary for every application due to differences in vessel weights, hull design, altitude, engine height, prop pitch and efficiency. If your boat is not reaching its full range of rpm at WOT beforehand of 6,000 - 6,200 rpms (This varies with load, temperature and altitude) before a Flash then you may have need of getting your boat dialed in after the Tune with the proper engine height adjustment and by using the correct prop with necessary cupping and pitch in order to achieve the most efficiency from it. Depending on the HP you started with you may need to make bigger pitch changes to your prop to get closer to your target rev limit.  

It is advised that you do pre-flash testing so you can determine the amount of change in fuel economy and speed that have been been achieved from your Nizpro Tune.
Check fuel numbers (GPH) and speed at 3,000/4,000/5,000 and WOT before and after the Tune.


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