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OSP Asura II Suspending Jerkbait

OSP Asura II Suspending Jerkbait

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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There was an option to renew the mold with the same design as the original Asura. However, by using the development know-how we have cultivated over the years and specifications adjusted to modern bass, we have chosen a different design approach to increase the number of catches and further increase its value. By changing the lip, we have made the part that used to flutter a bit during early winding natural, and achieved a sharp jerk that includes a momentary hold in order to generate instantaneous speed. The original after-sashimi lip is a structurally necessary lip that goes inside the body, and a forward leaning posture caused by the weight of the surrounding flesh that holds it.

Furthermore, the left and right clearance required for manufacturing causes the lip to shift from side to side, resulting in a strong eye tune. The one-piece molded lip has been carefully set to improve straightness, and the floating position is horizontal. The fixed weight has also been changed from a round ball to a plate-shaped weight with a low center of gravity to improve free winding stability and resilience from rolls. The hook was changed from heavy to regular wire to prevent short bites. Asura II is a model that inherits the high performance of the original, but has been further evolved by overwriting new performance to capture more bass.

NEW body with a lower center of gravity and no wasted space by changing the two fixed weights to thin plate shapes, the advantage of lowering the center of gravity has been increased. Stability during early winding and staying, and resilience from rolls and fluttering are improved. The flashing effect has also been amplified, creating an action full of life.

One-piece lipCompared to the back stab lip, the air capacity on the front side of the body has been increased and the posture has been changed to a horizontal position. The angle has been slightly bent and the width of the base has been widened to provide the power of darts and the firm feel of free winding, as well as a setting that prevents flapping when winding quickly.

Sideways low ride eyeThe development of the low-ride eye allows even a slender body to overcome the eye of the moving weight, greatly contributing to improved castability. By suppressing the back and forth movement of the hook, we were able to create a 3-hook specification in the 9cm class in which the hooks do not get tangled with each other.

Length - 3-7/8" (92.5mm)
Weight - 1/3 oz
Depth - 0 to 5 ft
Hooks - #8

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