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OSP Blitz Magnum EX DR Crankbait

OSP Blitz Magnum EX DR Crankbait

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Magnum Crank Strategy to the Unreachable Zone

As one of the ways to catch big bass, we focus on targets that lie deep in water over 8m deep. There is a high need for crankbaits that can be used not only around structures, but also as they become larger and do not depend on structures, so they can check a wide area quickly. Generally, it is a 7ft regular or slow taper MH class rod for reeling, and we aimed for a performance that allows you to cast with ease and retrieve continuously at an unprecedented level and catch many bites.
Overcoming challenges to create a unique lure
Generally, the drawbacks of large deep cranks are their long cast performance and heavy winding resistance. We also focused on the silhouette and action so that they did not differ from those of baitfish. By casting, I easily exceeded the 8m depth range and expanded my sights to 9m to 10m, which are more primitive and have less competition. Above all, what is essential is flight distance. Even if it had the ability to dive deep, it would not be able to demonstrate its ability without distance. The body shape takes air resistance into consideration, and a super large moving weight of 8.5g is moved to near the tip of the tail to stabilize the flight posture.
In addition, the honeycomb body is 40% thinner than our previous model, making it lighter while maintaining strength. By adopting a sideways low-ride eye that allows the distance between the two weights to be close together, and by placing the front weight above the eye, we have achieved the feeling of being the closest one weight. Good swimming start and response, light winding resistance, and light swimming like a real baitfish.
In addition, the actual fishing range is not necessarily limited to the maximum diving depth, but for example, in a reservoir with a complicated lake shoreline, it can be used to cast about 20 m and use rapid diving to pass through the water depth range of 5 to 6 m. Around the structure, the distance from the tip of the lip to the hook is long, making it difficult for the bait to get stuck. It also has buoyancy, making it possible to take a hang-off approach by lightly stacking the lips, stopping and letting it float to avoid it. This is an extra deep magnum crank that has evolved all its performance to reach unreachable depths.
Length - 3 1/2"
Weight - 1 7/8 oz
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