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OSP Buzzin' Crank Heavy Hitter Wake Bait

OSP Buzzin' Crank Heavy Hitter Wake Bait

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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A strong hitter with a sound that gives the illusion of a bass

The Heavy Hitter is positioned as a high-appeal version that far exceeds the rattle sound of the original Buzzin' crank. Since the rattle sound varies depending on the type of ABS resin, test molding was conducted using various materials at the time of development. However, they were unable to create a sound they were satisfied with, and finally arrived at the ideal sound by creating their own mix of multiple resins. Although the color of the resin is now a bone color, the swimming ability has improved and if you use it on top water, there is no need to worry about losing your fishing results due to the color of the lip.

In addition, the internal mold has been modified to make the tungsten main weight, which had little play until now, hit the left and right walls hard. We then rebuilt a weight pattern that corresponds to the new internal structure and can produce the best action. The 5% lighter body weight makes the action wider and the main weight violently moves, maximizing the appeal.
The uneven rumbling sound becomes a strong wave that appeals widely and deeply. This sound makes the side line of the bass judge that the bait is large, and strongly stimulates the big bass, which bites because it is large. Furthermore, with its high appeal, it has great ability as a search bait that can be checked quickly from a wide range. It is also good when visibility is poor due to low light conditions and turbidity, such as when the water is wet, when the water surface is rough due to rain, and when it is highly active.

In other words, Heavy Hitter is always effective against big bass using its sound as a weapon, and by using it properly according to field conditions, it can bring about overwhelming fishing results. It is truly a pinch hitter's trump card that hits hard.

Length - 2" (50mm)
Weight - 3/8 oz (10 grams)
Depth - 0 to 2 inch

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