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OSP Dolive Beaver Creature Bait 4"

OSP Dolive Beaver Creature Bait 4"

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Capturing the body movements made by a fleeing crawfish, the OSP DoLive Beaver Creature Bait is a highly innovative soft plastic developed by the skilled Japanese engineers at OSP to create an action unlike any other creature bait on the market. Molded with a unique claw design, the OSP DoLive Beaver Creature Bait features vertical paddle shaped claws designed as "Vassalo" paddles that swing up and down widely has its body moves through the water the Vassalo Dolphin Kick paddles are designed to flap regardless of retrieval speed to stimulate fishing bass by imitating an escaping craw.that move up and down while traveling through the water, which forces the entire body to produce a waving motion like an escaping crawfish. A series of small side legs and long antennas also generate micro-movements that take its lifelike action to the next-level and fool even the wariest of bass into biting.

To trigger even more bites and make fish hold on longer, the OSP DoLive Beaver Creature Bait is infused with genuine shrimp and squid powder that adds both scent and taste. Perfect for a variety of applications as well, the OSP DoLive Beaver Creature Bait features a concave back that allows your hook point to remain recessed for perfectly weedless rigging, making it an excellent choice for Texas-rigs, flipping, punching, Carolina-rigs, and even shaky heads. Leave your other creature baits at home next time you head to the lake and try the OSP DoLive Beaver Creature Bait.

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