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Raid Japan

Raid Japan EGU Chunk

Raid Japan EGU Chunk

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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In a world where there are various types of worms, EGU CHUNK was born from the desire to have a chunk type worm that can hit water overwhelmingly and violently!

The idea of ​​EGU CHUNK was born from fishing methods called Jigsto and Minost, where a soft bait attached to a rubber jig or football head is used to swim mid-levels while repelling line slack.

The more I practiced this fishing, the more I found out that this method is attracting fish farther and farther than we imagined. Furthermore, it was also found that the more fish you call from a distance, the more likely you are to get a bite.

If there is a worm that can hit the water more efficiently and strongly, wouldn't it be possible to call fish from a wider range? After much trial and error, we arrived at the chunk shape.

A powerful punch produced by its unprecedentedly thick and heavy claws is received by its flexible and wide arm, and it bounces water far and wide like a fan. The strong waves created by it demonstrate a fish-collecting power that far exceeds that of conventional worms. However, that alone makes it difficult to handle with limited uses, so various side legs that move sensitively even with light action, buoyancy that creates the afterglow of the action, and thin abdominal ribs that create crustacean-like micro-waves. By incorporating gimmick parts everywhere, it continues to invite bass at any time, from falling, pulling, swimming and staying, and it is finished as a worm that switches on the bite trigger with a slow and fast action change.

In addition, its versatility is wide in terms of rigs, and it is highly compatible with various rigs such as Texas rigs, leaderless down shots, free rigs and heavy Carolina rigs. Of course, the ability as a jig trailer goes without saying.

The EGU chunk can be said to be the ultimate evolutionary system of chunk-type worms that has succeeded in combining amazing fish-collecting power and feeding, as well as high versatility.

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