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Raid Japan

Raid Japan Buggy Craw

Raid Japan Buggy Craw

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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BUGGY CRAW released by Raid Japan is a high specific gravity back slide worm that completely covers all the elements required for shore fishing.
The material derived through repeated trial and error is the driving force that brings the perfect balance in all of "flying distance", "fall speed", "action", "operability", and "hook holding".
A specific gravity setting that achieves an extremely natural fall speed while striking an overwhelming flight distance. Hardness that combines luster that attracts fish while maintaining material strength that can withstand contact with the cover. We use superior materials that don't sacrifice one important element.
The 4 long arms not only create luscious action, but also tangle in the water moderately to enhance operability in the water. It makes it easier to grasp the bottom situation when pulling, making the no-sinker game, which tends to feel no, more clear, and leads to increased fishing results.
In addition, the long arm receives water resistance over a wide area when falling, so it is an important part that creates a stable long-distance back slide fall after landing in synergy with the body shape that pursues an exquisite weight balance.
The legs on the body side efficiently catch water by lift and rod work and generate vivid vibrations. The stimulation of short wavelengths, which is different from the relaxed long arm, brings depth to the invitation. BUGGY CRAW is a perfect high-density backslide worm with everything.

Length - 4"
Weight - 12 Grams

6 Per Pack

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