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Raid Japan

Raid Japan G.I Joint Bait

Raid Japan G.I Joint Bait

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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GI (GRAVITY IMPACT) is a reasonably sized compact joint bait with a lip attached big bait reduced to a size that can be handled with an MH class rod for high mobility anglers who want to fish with a minimum of tackle.
The impact that attracts fish is just like a big bait, and the GI, which can be handled with a versatile MH class tackle, will be a new way to expand your offensive range.
GI is a high-impact compact bait that was created to capture the momentary moment (chance time) that suddenly arises in the ever-changing field conditions.
The main usage is STOP & GO in cover such as bushes, overhangs, reeds, rock shades and floating debris.
After casting at the cover, the reel is reeled up vigorously and stopped, allowing the GI to dive quickly at the cover and then slowly rise to the surface. It is a method that draws out the fish hiding in the cover by the impact.
This method is also effective when sudden turbidity occurs after rain. Because the fish snuggle up to the cover, it is a special situation that can be said to be a GI monopoly.
Also, GI is good at cranking because it swims with high response action. You can trace the 1.5m range with normal retrieve, and the metal plate lip allows cranking that bites the bottom even when hitting the bottom.
These are special methods that can only be achieved with the metal plate lip that symbolizes GI. The metal plate lip itself acts as a weight, enabling rapid diving. At the same time, the lip can be thinned while maintaining strength, achieving high-pitch wobble roll action while ensuring impact resistance. It is a unique lip structure that allows you to quickly dive while blinking at high speed with a small moving distance near the cover.
In addition, the specially designed elastomer tail, which is set to an exquisite hardness that is neither too hard nor too soft, functions as a second joint and contributes to the smooth action of the GI. It is also an important part that absorbs the action produced by the body with an exquisite degree and converts it into a soft wave without corners. When storing, please attach the attached dedicated cover so that it does not contact or deform with other worms.

* Spare tail attached to blister
* The metal plate lip may be scraped by bottom knocks and the edge may become sharp. Be careful not to hurt your fingers, etc. Also, the edge of the lip may damage the line, rod, reel, etc., so please be careful not to touch it when moving or storing.
*Since the edge of the lip may damage the line, it is recommended to use the part that is set in the default line eye as it is.


A metal plate lip introduced to make the GI's voluminous body swim at high pitches. Without this metal plate, you can't create action response that is unimaginable from this body size. In addition, since the lip itself acts as a weight, this special lip plays a role in the rapid dive near the cover, which is also the GI's Ohako.
It is a high-performance lip mechanism that eliminates lip damage due to miscasting because it is resistant to impact unlike integrally molded lips.

■ Elastomer tail for joint effect

The specially designed elastomer tail with a GI constriction functions as another joint joint. Because it bends flexibly when swimming, it realizes a flexible and mellow swim.

Length - 3.7"
Weight - 1 1/4 oz

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