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Raid Japan

Raid Japan Micro Dodge B.I.G.

Raid Japan Micro Dodge B.I.G.

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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The MICRO DODGE B.I.G. is a super-aggressive dodge armed with a soft body that can aggressively shoot into cover that you couldn't throw in until now!

The high buoyancy elastomer body allows you to set a #4/0 class offset hook and shoot deep into the cover.

With the soft wings set on the body with exquisite hardness, shape and angle, it glides while aggressively stirring the surface of the water just by winding.

Also, if you shake the line slack to shake it, you can slowly tease and lure the fish. The resistance of the wing keeps the movement distance down and continues to produce delicate ripples on the spot.

 *In order to bring out the original performance of Micro Dodge, we recommend using PE line + nylon line shock leader. In addition, if the PE line is directly connected, the part that absorbs the impact will be lost, so the force will be concentrated on the needle and the needle may stretch. In addition, the PE line is flexible and has no stiffness, so if you throw it into the cover, it will be more likely to cling to the cover in a complicated manner. For the preservation of the field, please avoid direct connection of the PE line and always form a leader.

* Micro Dodge wings are detachable. After catching a fish in a fierce fight, or after retrieving it from a snag, the wing installation angle may shift and the proper action may not come out. In that case, please adjust the angle of the wing so that the optimum action is obtained. In addition, if you apply instant adhesive to the gap between the wing and the body before use, you can prevent the wing from slipping.

* Elastomers are prone to deformation due to their material properties, and have the property of being damaged when in contact with a general PVC soft bait for a certain period of time. Avoid contact with other soft baits or resins during storage to avoid deformation or dissolution. It is recommended to store it in the blister of the package.

Length - 3"

2 Per Pack


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