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Ryugi Hover Shot FG Hook

Ryugi Hover Shot FG Hook

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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A weedless version of the popular Ryugi Hover Shot Hook, the Ryugi Hover Shot Fine Guard Hook delivers snagless performance with two fully-adjustable fine wire guards. In high-pressure environments and tournament days when nothing else works, the Ryugi Hover Shot FG Hook’s fine wire weedguards allow anglers to achieve a horizontal presentation in the water column without hanging up on grass and weeds.

Pair the Ryugi Hover Shot Fine Guard Hook with an ultralight rod, light line, nail weight and a finesse swimbait to achieve a hover strolling effect that comes to life on a slack line. A special worm keeper positioned in the middle of the hook holds the finesse swimbait in place, and the 90-degree line tie is positioned to rest above the nose of your swimbait. The Ryugi Hover Shot Fine Guard’s super-slick TC Teflon coating facilitates a seamless hookset with minimal pressure.

Ryugi Japan Fishing Tackle has set out to make the best bass fishing hooks and terminal tackle on the market by questioning every aspect of design. Based out of Hyogo Japan, Ryugi stays on the forefront of cutting-edge tackle innovation by utilizing a field staff team comprised of Lake Biwa fishing guides, top Japanese tournament anglers, and even Bassmaster tournament pro Takumi Ito. The development staff at Ryugi believes fieldwork is indispensable and aims to create products that reflect the ideas and understanding of their renowned field staff.

Note: Frequent bending of weedguard will cause premature breakage 

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