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Megabass S Crank Squarebill Crankbait

Megabass S Crank Squarebill Crankbait

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1.2 - 2 1/3"  3/8 oz

1.5 - 2 1/2"  1/2 oz


Honed mand refined over two years, the S-Crank square bill concept features a patented design that generates a hard-hitting wobble action along with an erratic hunting, wandering retrieve.  S-Crank's unique slalom action works even at high-speeds, wandering laterally off-course but always hunting back to center.  Not only does this allow more effective coverage of wider areas, but the erratic wandering action triggers reaction bites much like deflections, increasing productivity in open water.

Tight, enticing wobble draws inactive predators, while the sudden wandering escape action triggers decisive reaction bites.

Square bill design and high buoyancy combine to reduce hang-ups to allow precise targeting of structure.

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