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Megabass SuWitch

Megabass SuWitch

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Megabass SuWITCH is equipped with ITIO technology introduced from XPOD, "Transformation System" (PAT.). A revolutionary system that gives multiple characters to one lure allows you to change the angle of the lip with a single touch, enabling instant switching between target range and effective action.
Su means 4. "SuWITCH", which literally includes "four witches", has a variety of destructive power that emits four magical powers with one lure. It is a new generation multi-purpose swimbait that allows you to switch between diving range and action according to the situation and switch on the Predator. 

Equipped with the world's first one-touch lip adjustment mechanism "two-stage variable bill" for swimbaits. You can instantly switch between "wake mode" on the surface and "diving mode" underwater. Furthermore, for each mode, it is possible to invite by "rod work" that combines "retrieve" invitation and twitch and jerk. You can instantly create actions with four different appeal characteristics with one lure.

Length - 5.4"
Weight - 1 1/8 oz


When the lip is raised, it emits a strong undertow, splash sound, joint body attack sound, and intense roll flashing, and is active as a "wake bait" . Fully demonstrate destructive power with slow retrieve . It is also good when worked from left to right using the walk-the-dog action. 



By laying down the lip, it is active as a "shallow runner" that dives to a depth of 1m or more . Approach situations where fish cannot reach the surface of the water or fish that have fallen into the midrange. We will approach cruising fish and monsters that stay in structures and vegetation. Invitation by fast retrieve and flexible rolling dart by twitch greatly enhances appeal to neutral fish.

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