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Megabass Vibration-X Vatalion Jointed SF

Megabass Vibration-X Vatalion Jointed SF

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California Prop 65

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State fo California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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1. Stop to Entice (Stop&Go / Stay&Jerk)
The VIBRATION-X VATALION (Slow Float) dramatically changes the strategy for targeting suspended bass. Twitching the lure results in dynamic 240-degree+ turns and intense flashing from the jointed body. In muddy water, the appeal of its broad, flat side far exceeds thin bodied jerkbaits and draws out many bites. The intermediate settings, the small “chip bill” that allows it to keep a consistent depth in shallows, the nose position line eye, the jointed slant tail—all of these features actively draw out those slow, reluctant fish in the shallows with the perfect “stop” approach.

Whether it’s using stop & go tactics to help evade the numerous structures in shallow areas or using stay & jerk tactics immediately below the surface in weeded areas, this lure will help you get those suspended fish that spinnerbait and crankbait can’t touch. Watch it stimulate their activity level and land bite after bite.

2. Straight Retrieves in Shallows (Hi-Pitch - Straight Retrieve)
During straight retrieves, it displays lifelike shimmering action, and the body segments contact each other to produce a sound that draws predators. It effectively draws bites from the shallow and midrange, covering a wide area.

Weight - 3/8 oz
Length - 2.8"

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